Formilla Review: Is Formilla Right for Me?


If you are a web developer, it’s likely that you have heard of Formilla, but for those of you who really aren’t sure what Formilla is let me break it down for you. Formilla is a live chat plugin software that companies use on their website so that they can interact with their visitors. For the most part, small to medium sized businesses use this software to improve customer service, which in the long run helps boost sales. This allows businesses to answer any questions visitors may have while on their website.

Formilla gives its users deeper insight on what exactly their visitors are looking for, it allows visitors to pose questions, it tracks how many times a visitor has gone to the website, and more. It is a fairly easy software to use and the user can decide how they would like to customize the plugin.

Formilla Features

The main goal of Formilla is for website visitors to be able to get in contact directly with the business. This means, website visitors can have their questions answered on the spot. Formilla shows what page the visitor is on when they make contact and what URL took them to that page.

Formilla is widely used on WooCommerce and WordPress sites, but it can basically be installed to any website where a user can add the chat script. When a visitor goes to a website where Formilla has been installed, visitors are able to see the plugin located on the bottom right side – by default. This feature is customizable and the user can decide if they would like to move the plugin to a different area of the page. Once a visitor starts a chat, it will then send a notification to a representative, letting them know a visitor has made contact.

Formilla also has a Smart Messages feature which allows its users to send an automated message to a visitor if they have stayed on the website for a certain period of time – the default time is 15 seconds. In this feature a user can set up “Hours of Operation” to let visitors know when a representative is on standby or offline.

Along with the Smart Messages feature, Formilla also offers a visitor monitoring feature.  The visitor monitoring feature enables users to see the amount of visitors on their website. The user can also see what country the visitor is in, how long they have been on the website, what page they are on, if they are a new visitor or returning visitor and more.

Formilla Live Chat Plugin

Benefits of Formilla

Formilla does everything a Live Chat Plugin should do, and then some. The software helps representatives keep in touch with their page visitors, while also tracking as much information on the visitors as possible. Take that and combine it with Google Analytics and you have a very resourceful tool that gives its users the insights they need to improve a customers experience while increasing sales.

The great thing about Formilla Live Chat Plugin is its ability to be utilized even when a representative is not close to the computer. Users are able to aid website visitors with any questions or concerns they may have even while they are on the move – as long as the user has internet connection of course. Formilla’s dashboard is user friendly and easy to use. Formilla also assists users by letting them know that their website visitors needs are being catered to.


Formilla is software that allows users to interact with their website visitors easily while also gaining insights. For companies looking for a live chat plugin software to better assist and track website visitors – Formilla may be an option that is worth exploring.

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